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This page provides tools and infomation for molecular engnering.
You can get them by following icons and links.
Although this HP doesn't provide enough tools and infomation now,
I am glad to help with your molecular engnering activity.

Downoads of Softwares(Flash Movies)


... A viewer of the Gaussian output and PDB file. The user can manipulate
the atom and molecule, and see the XYZ coordinations of all the atoms. The
new version can add atoms and molecule, and delete selected atoms.
Furthermore, this software can shows the atom charges which follow the atoms'

Sorry, the latest version is available only for Windows OS.


This software can show the molecular structure depending on the MOPAC DRC
calculation and the dot-mapped values. The user can specify the reaction
coordinate number by the manupulative line (step line) and see the spcified
There are three dot-mapped graphs. In addition, the user can overlap them each
other and guess the relationship of dots between the graphs
** Only for Windows OS.

Flash Sample1 -- MolConst JPG

(1,008KB) You can do GUI molecular construction. Please press left side
atom and drag it to the suitable position of the molecule. When all the atoms
are set on the suitable positions, aimed molecule will appear.

Flash Sample2 -- EndRoll JPG

(993KB) It's like a movie end-roll. The system (figure) is Benzene-Xe complex.
** Non-interactive. A screen-saver.

Flash Sample3 -- MOdis JPG

(1,000KB) This shows the MO levels which belong to PM3 Opted H2O and
(H2O)2. You can drag the H2O picture, the (H2O)2 picture and the value table.
The table is able to be vanished.


Research and DevelopmentAssociation for Future Electron Devices
Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies
Japan Research and Development Center for Metals

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